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Course on “Credit Risk Management in Corporate Banking”, Phnom Penh

On 30 March 2012, Mr Frankie Phua conducted a course on “Credit Risk Management in Corporate Banking” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on behalf of the Association of Banks in Cambodia and the ASEAN Bankers Association. 
The Association of Banks in Cambodia and ABA would like to record their appreciation to Mr. Bernard Reid for taking time off to impart his knowledge and experience.
Mr Phua is the Executive Director and the Head of Credit & Country Risk Management Division in United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB). Mr Phua is appointed by Risk Management Institute (RMI), National University of Singapore ("NUS") to teach the Specialist Diploma in Risk Management. Frankie has conducted credit risk trainings for banks in Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Vietnam and Taiwan. He is also a regular speaker in conferences on Basel II.

The course was well received with forty-four participants comprising of Departmental Heads and their staff from the Credit, Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Departments of the various financial institutions in Cambodia. Mr Phua was “professional and enthusiastic” in his delivery of the course content and this has in turn prompted the participants to ask a lot of questions during the one-day training. The participants felt that with the volume of the course content, it would have been better paced if the course duration could be stretched to a two-day training instead. 
The Association of Banks in Cambodia and ASEAN Bankers Association would like to record our deepest appreciation to Mr Frankie Phua for generously setting aside time and effort to share his knowledge and experience with the banking community in Cambodia.