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ABC Chairman for 2014

Mr Pung Kheav Se

Canadia Investment Holdings Plc &
Canadia Bank Plc
Mr Pung Kheav Se is the elected Chairman of ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA) for the 2 year term period from November 2013. Mr Pung is also the current Chairman of the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) and President of the Cambodia Constructors Association. 
Mr. Pung is a distinguished entrepreneur and respected business leader in Cambodia. He has been actively involved in the investment and development activities of Canadia Investment Holding Plc (CIHP), the parent holding company of Canadia Bank since its establishment in 2007. His understanding of the banking industry in Cambodia, along with his leadership, helped make Canadia Bank one of the largest and most financially secure banks in Cambodia. 
Mr. Pung started his career in banking in 1991, where he was President of Canadia Gold & Trust Corporation. In 2003 the name was changed to its current name, Canadia Bank Plc. Canadia brand has strong name recognition and respect throughout Cambodia. Over the years the Bank has grown its local and international customer base, expanded its global network of correspondent banking relationships, and along with the trust of its customers, has allowed the Bank to build commanding market share of deposits and loans. 
Through his vision for Cambodia, and deep desire to provide economic opportunity for his fellow Cambodians, Mr. Pung has directly influenced CIHP's expansion into the real estate, construction and agricultural sectors, helping drive significant development throughout the Cambodian economy, and creating jobs and opportunity. Mr. Pung continues to be involved in efforts that spur progress in the Cambodia and throughout the region. Through his personal involvement in the China ASEAN Interbank Association, he strives to expand economic and trade relations between Cambodia and China, while also contributing to economic and social progress that improve the lives of people in both nations. 
Mr. Pung has received numerous honours and recognitions for his devoted service to Cambodia, notable among them is the Mahasereyvattanac Award from His Majesty, King Norodom Sihanouk, King-Father of Cambodia in 2002.