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Risk Management Course – Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics: Robust Techniques for Scoring, Forecasting, Stress Testing, and Economic Capital

The Risk Management Association (RMA) and the ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA) jointly organized a two and a half days' "Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics" course on 12th to 14th September 2012 at Hilton, Singapore.
The course instructor, Dr Joseph L. Breeden, Chief Executive Officer, Prescient Models, has almost twenty years of experience in financial services and is a recognized leader in the industry. He is also directly involved in research into new modelling techniques and products. He co-founded Strategic Analytics in 1999, where he led the design of advanced analytic solutions including the invention of Dual-time Dynamics.
The course was very well attended with twenty seven participants from ASEAN countries. There were active participations and lively discussions among participants wanting to share information on the best approach and latest models which would yield the most cost effective results. After each formal session, the trainer also discussed with participants the unique practical issues that were brought up and suggested solutions to them. Feedback from participants was very positive. This indicated that Dr Breeden is an effective trainer.
RMA and ABA would like to thank participants for their attendance and participation. We would also like to thank Dr Joseph Breeden who had shared his invaluable knowledge with the participants.