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SME Lending

On 24 to 25 May 2012, Mr Howard Low conducted a two-day training course on "SME Lending" in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on behalf of Vietnam Banks Association and the ASEAN Bankers Association. 
Mr Howard Low has more than twenty-four years of Banking experience in various leading Financial Institutions (both local and foreign) in Singapore and has covered countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam during his career. He has been primarily involved in the area of business lending and transactions with exposure to both SMEs and Large Corporate Institutions. 
The topics covered by Mr Low included Best Practice Approach to SME Lending, managing a Portfolio of SME Accounts, SME credit assessment process, Challenges in implementing Best Practice SME Lending model in Vietnam. The training course was well attended with more than one hundred participants from the various financial institutions in Vietnam. 
The Vietnam Banks Association and ASEAN Bankers Association would like to record our deepest appreciation to Mr Howard Low for generously setting aside time and effort to share his knowledge and experience with the banking community in Vietnam.